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Testing For Leaks One Of Most Important Risk Management Tasks

leak testing houston tx

Many manufacturing, research and development centers are heavily reliant on the likes of cylinders, pipes and valves. In order for it to serve its purposes functionally and effectively, these products need to enjoy its known or desired quality. In order to ensure integrity and reliable performance capabilities, commercial, R & D and manufacturing centers will be contracting in services derived from the leak testing houston tx center.

A range of testing services are provided to help determine proof or alternative pressure types that need to be measured. The testing range is wide, starting from as low as just a few psi and going as high as two hundred thousand psi. The minimal testing range uses glass chemical vessels, while heavy industry testing will be using steel tubes.  

This range is accomplished by using a variety of materials, some of which include the common denominators of compressed air, helium, liquid and nitrogen. Test traducers are used.

These devices have the ability to cover all pressures. They also need to be certifiably calibrated in accordance with the laid down standards of the NIST. The selection of testing devices will be influenced by the job requirements. Due consideration will be given to the need to manually record data or perform high speed multichannel computer based data logging tasks. Two specific tasks are that of leak testing and proof testing.

But both these are closely related. Proof testing is non-destructive. The checking for leaks requires the immersion of parts into clear liquid. Non-destructive proof testing can withstand temperatures just above operating pressure without any permanent damage or leaks occurring. The liquid immersion test, if it is appropriate, may only require water. Water is pressurized with air, nitrogen or helium.

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