What You Should Know About Tooth Extractions

What You Should Know About Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are completed with other options to save a tooth have been exhausted and it is the only option available. While no one looks forward to a tooth extraction, it is sometimes necessary to keep you healthy and safe. Knowing more about extractions can ease some of the fears and worries that you may have.

What to Expect During an Extraction

Tooth extractions are usually fairly quick and easy. You may need a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. Of course, the former is the simplest of the two and usually requires a few minutes inside of the dental chair. Surgical extractions are more complicated but still risk-free for the most part.

Once the dentist has removed the tooth, he’ll put gauze down into the socket to bite down on to prevent any further problems. Sometimes the gums are stitched closed as well. That is the entire tooth extraction las vegas process. Simple, do you agree?

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How Long Does a Tooth Extraction Take?

Tooth attractions are fairly simple and quick as mentioned above. For a single extraction, it should take no more than 45-minutes, although sometimes the procedure is quicker and takes half this time. Expect to spend a bit more time in the chair if it is an impacted tooth extraction and/or for multiple extractions at the same time. The dentist will fill you in on what to expect during the procedure.

Does it Hurt?

A tooth extraction does not hurt, contrary to popular belief. Since you are under anesthesia during the process, expect to feel nothing except perhaps minor sensations of pressure. It can be somewhat uncomfortable to some people. The doctor will provide aftercare pain relief and instructions so this also is a pain free experience.